Our Creative Space

The space around us can influence our creativity and productivity. Aesthetics really does play apart as it is a form of expression. Colours can influence our mood and trigger things in our mind like our memories. I often find my best work is produced in an aesthetic environment, especially in cafe’s as I enjoy sitting […]

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Who doesn’t love a good street festival? there is something almost addictive about it. The atmospheres are usually vibrant and exciting. You get the sense of being connected to the community. You can immerse yourself in different cultural experiences from all different creative communities.


Moved by Movies

Curling up on the couch watching movies is one of my favourite pass times. I also love going to the cinema or better an outdoor cinema during summer enjoyed with friends. At home or at a friend’s house the build up to watching a movie usually takes about twenty to thirty minutes just deciding what […]

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2017 Pantone Colours. Week 2

Every year a new pallet of colours are released that are set to be the hottest trending colours for the year. Keeping updated on pantone trends is crucial for designers of all fields from clothing lines to interior decorating to graphic design. Pantone pallets set the catalogue standards for marketing products.

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