Project Update! Structural Support

To pick up from where I left off, the previous update shows the finished mural. At this point my project is near completion. The mural itself is probably the largest stage in the projects development, the rest all comes down to small details and structural design.

In the previous blog post  I mentioned my trip to Bunnings along with the materials and tools I purchased. One of those materials was the Pine wood Plank measuring at 1.8 m 2 cm thickness. I used a Mitre saw from my garage to cut the timber in half (900mm) to fit the exact height of the mural baseboard.

After I cut the pine I glued it onto the back of the mural. The purpose of the pine is to lift the mural from the fence and to secure brackets onto the mural in order to hang it off fencing. I also got some metal brackets made out of recycled materials (carbon steel flat bar and 10″ nut), to screw onto the pine wood. However I had to wait for the wood glue to dry before I could screw the brackets on.

metal brackets
Fig 3: Metal Brackets

This post is short and sweet, but I do have another post coming. Stay Tuned!


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