Project Update! Pot plants. Final Update!

The remaining parts of the project I managed to finalize within a couple of hours. Although technically on Saturday the 27th May I also had to embark on a trip to Ikea to buy the pots and plants. So here’s a production log over the last couple of days:

Saturday 27th May:

Pot Plants!At this stage of the projects development, I made a few more changes to the overall

During the early stages of my project designing, I was originally planning on using herbs to fill the pots. However I ended up buying succulents (from Ikea) instead because they don’t require a lot of TLC (tender loving care) also they don’t need much water. Succulents turned out to be a lot cheaper to buy than herbs and will be cheaper in the long run saving on the water bill. I also changed how many pot plants I was going to hang on the mural. In the early stages of development I wanted to have 5-6 pot plants hanging on the mural. After I painted the mural, I decided that less is more. I did purchase enough hooks to hang 6 pot plants, however before I purchased the pots and plants I decided that the piece would look more balanced and well proportioned if I had only 4 pots instead. With that in mind, if I wanted to add more pots later on, or rearrange the layout I can, because I have allowed space to do that. The plants were $4.95 each and the pots we 0.59 cents each.

As soon as I got home, I drilled 1 hole in each pot the same diameter as the S-shaped hooks 38 mm (see mural blog post).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next I had to work out where I would position each pot on the mural. I didn’t use a pen to mark out where I would position the pots and I couldn’t lay the mural flat to arrange the plants either. Instead I used the pattern of the mural as a guide. where the open space between the painted leaves were, I held the pots in position as a visual guide to help me work out where they should each hang. Each plant is different in shape and colour, so I also worked out which plant should be adjacent to the other according to the similarities and differences of each plant. When I was confident with where I wanted a pot to go, I drilled downwards on an angle where an existing peg hole was, to make the hole the right angle for the S hooks. The S hooks look aesthetic for design but they aren’t quite right for pegboard because they need to be angled, see the photos below.

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The Final Stage of this project is hanging it up. This stage was probably the quickest part about the overall project. Using the Shed Hooks and the bracket I measured along the supporting pine (on the back) where the brackets need to be screwed on so that the widest ends of the hooks only appear at the top of the piece, so it looks flush and is stronger. I used a ruler to copy the measurement from one side to the other so that the piece would hang straight and not crooked. I screwed the brackets onto the inner sides of the pine 11.6cm from the top. Then I simply threaded the hooks through the brackets on each side and hung the piece over the fence.

So here is the finished product!

Fig 8: Finished Mural Garden

I had a lot of fun designing, developing, building this project and blogging about it. This project gave me the chance to use a variety of skills including painting, drawing, brainstorming, researching, gardening (which is not something I really do) and a bit of wood working skills. This project actually gave me lots of inspiration for potential future projects that I would like to do and helped develop in me a passion for writing blogs.

That’s a wrap for this project! stay tuned for new threads!


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