About Me: Professional Study

I am a creative! I love all different expressions of art and mediums from photography to architecture. I am currently studying a bachelor of design majoring in environmental spacial design – it’s pretty much interior/exterior design just with a different name. This blog will mainly be centred around creative projects and interests cause apparently its good for people in creative industries to have a blog, social media is a very powerful tool. – See very first blog post

I have always had an interest in interior/exterior design. Even as a child I would draw floor plans and draw the inside of houses to imagine for myself the house I would like to live in or interiors I could design for others. I didn’t always see my creativity as a gift or a talent, (sometimes I saw it as a burden because I wasn’t using it enough) I eventually realised after much frustration from previous study, that I needed to do something in the creative industry, and I needed to design and build because practical skills are what I can succeed at with peace instead of constant stressing or striving. I sort out to use my resume and credit from previous study (in politics) to enrol into a bachelor of design to learn more about design industries, and build a business from it. Within the first semester of Study, I have already seen fruit from this decision. I have had the privilege to do some wedding and event photography, enter work into another gallery and I keep receiving positive feedback from people about starting a business doing events based decorations and photography. Asides from the physical benefits of studying design, I have also found myself much less frustrated and more alive.

During the course of my study I  aim to challenge myself to think more creatively, pursue my talents as a career, develop my current skills and learn new ones, network and be the best version of myself I can be. I have a goal for this year to launch a business doing events photography to begin with, and to eventually see it grow and expand into other fields like decorating.


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