Project Update: Mural Time!

Time for another update! between last Friday and this week I made huge progression on my project. So much so that i didn’t write blogs straight away because I was so focused on building my project and other assignments.

Friday  19th May:

The first thing I did was make mock-up design paintings on some separate canvases. One watercolour A4 size and one A3 acrylic. they differ in style and shapes because I used these trail runs to master the form of the patterns of leaves that I wanted.

For the acrylic canvas because it is twice the size as the water colours, I draw leaves using a pencil, black pen  and charcoal before painting. I then proceeded to rollover the illustrations with a thin layer of paint that I would use s the background layer.

After rolling on the pink paint, I used several layers and brushstrokes of paint, to continuously change the texture and hues of the paint, till I ended up the results you see in the first two photos. Currently the two canvases are sitting in an art exhibition, with a plaque describing this project. I was asked by a friend if I could donate something to an exhibition she is apart of through her own studies. Thankfully that opportunity actually gave me the push to do some mock-up designs before painting the real thing on the pegboard.

Tuesday 25th May:

Bunnings trip! In the evening on this day I went with my Dad to pickup all of the materials and tools that I needed to start building my project. Everything being:

  • 1200 x 900 4.8 mm Pegboard
  • Taubmans Wave Blue sample pot 250 ml
  • Taubmans Daredevil Green sample pot 250 ml
  • Taubmans Velveteen Crush sample pot 250 ml
  • Taubmans Curry Sauce sample pot 250 ml
  • x 3 twin packets of  S hooks 38 mm zinc plated
  • x 2 Shed hooks 24 cm Zinc Plated
  • x 1 20 pack of Round head Bolts and Nuts 3/16″ x 18 mm Zinc Plated
  • x 1 Pine wood Plank 1.8 m 2 cm thickness

Wednesday 24th May:

Like the mock-ups I had to paint the background layer first. The pink is a slightly different shade then the one used in the mock-up because I didn’t want to waste all my paint on drafts. The shade I used is called Velveteen Crush and it goes back to my Pantone research way back in week two.

Like the mock-up acrylic canvas I used a roller to apply the paint for a smooth finish. I ended up using 2 coats of paint which was  less than what I anticipated that I would need.

The next phase of the mural was the leaves themselves. I didn’t feel confident in using the same strategy as the draft designs so instead I did more research about specific plants to find the shapes I wanted to use. The one I chose to go with is called a Monstera deliciosa which comes from the Araceae family (No I am not a plant expert, I just did research see here). I chose this plant because it is one that is trending everywhere from social media like Pinterest and home decor Instagram accounts, to stores and nurseries like Bunnings. This plant is definitely a current season trend for indoor plants. I also have an indoor plant from the Araceae family. Back on topic, because there was so much curvature  and shape to the leaves of this plant I decided to make a stencil out of cardboard that I could used to trace onto the pegboard.

At first I used a 2B pencil to trace the cardboard lightly, then I removed the stencil, and went over the pencil outline with a black marker. The Next stage was painting the leaves in. I used one artists paintbrush, and lots of layers mixing the green paint with either curry sauce yellow or black paint to change the hue and create highlights and low-lights on the canvas. I also used a brown paint called Coyote that I already had sitting at home as an undercoat because it was very thick unlike the fresh green paint. I painted the entire canvas within one day, it took approximately 10 hours of work.  Finally I sprayed the mural with Adhesive Spray to protect it.

*To apply Adhesive Spray it works best if you spray 1 coat, let it dry and then sand off excess, then reapply for a flush glossy finish*.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned, there’s more updates coming real soon. (Hopefully tomorrow)


6 thoughts on “Project Update: Mural Time!

  1. I really like how this turned out! When you described your original idea to me in the tutorial weeks ago I was really keen to see how it turned out, and if this is any indication to go by, I’m sure it will be fantastic. 🙂


  2. Wow I love this project! It’s making me feel relaxed and gives off such summery vibes! I especially love the canvas/background you’re painting on, it really adds to the entire feel of the painting! I can see this hanging in my room! I don’t know if you’ve thought about it already, but using some other non painting elements could be nice, although I am no painting expert 😛 Looks amazing as is though!


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