Project Development Update!

Mural Development

it’s been a while since I updated everyone here on my project, but I have been making some progress. Here’s a bit of catch up. In my project proposal I mentioned the size of my piece and the materials I need to build it. I also mentioned as a part of the projects design it would include a mural. This stage of my project development is focused on the mural’s design itself. Usually when I paint, I grab a canvas, find my inspiration, draw the outlines on the canvas and then fill it in with paint (not really that much progression involved). I will spend hours all at one sitting, doing the brush strokes and blending the colours together. Not quite this time! This time because my medium has hundreds of holes in it I needed to design an image that could work with the material (and hopefully it does).

STAGE 1: Mural Concepts

The first stage in designing the mural was doing a few mock-up sketches of different ideas. In this stage I annotated all of my designs with a PMUI analysis. PMUI means: positive (plus) minus (negative) useful and interesting. This helps me keep track of what I have already included in my designs to work on further and to decide which the best idea is.

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Stage 2: Concept Development

In stage two, I chose my favourite concept and explored different shapes and textures. I named each shape and practised drawing and painting it repetitively so I can master it when it comes to painting it on the real thing. In this stage I began to add a little bit of colour just to get a glimpse of what it might look like.

mural development
Fig 7: Concept Development

Stage 3: Colour Blending

In this stage I tested the waters (water colours) and experimented with green tones. Greens, because as previously mentioned in my proposal I would use the Pantone colour of the year with transitional and complimentary pallets.

colour blends
Fig 8: Colour Blends


Overall I feel pretty excited about getting hands on with this project. I have already purchased all the materials and tools I need to build it. when I do start creating it, I might even make a time lapse to present my work. Now I have all my planning for the mural itself, I just need to put together a post update about smaller details such as how I am going to hang it and arrangement of the pots.

So stay tuned!


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