Nice to meet you!


A little introductory is in order here! Welcome to my blog! I like to keep things simple and easy to read so here are some main pointers with a little about me.

  1. I am a Christian and I follow Jesus. I put this as my first point because it is the reason behind who I am and what I do. Not to sound strange or religious or anything but simply because I am open and honest. If your going to have values and believe in something than I your life should reflect that.
  2. I love my family very much. My parents have been married for 35 years, and I have 2 older brothers both married and have children of their own, which makes me the fun Aunty, YAY!
  3. I am a creative! I love all different expressions of art and mediums from photography to architecture. I am currently studying a bachelor of design majoring in environmental spacial design – it’s pretty much interior/exterior design just with a different name. This blog will mainly be centred around creative projects and interests cause apparently its good for people in creative industries to have a blog, social media is a very powerful tool. I guess a blog is a little bit like having a creative diary except online.
  4. I am not single, I am in a relationship with an amazing guy – Oh and he is a creative too! Which means we bounce ideas off each other a lot.
  5. I am a very social person! I love catching up especially if that includes coffee! I love going places and trying new things, and for me that always revolves around people and bringing someone along with me.  I will probably mention things in my blog about this too!

Well there you have it, just a little about me to get things started. Stay tuned!


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