Nice to meet you!

A little introductory is in order here! Welcome to my blog! I like to keep things simple and easy to read so here are some main pointers with a little about me.

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Project Exegesis.

Design Method In the first week of semester, I had three ideas for a project. A photoshoot An abstract painting Something for the Garden. I went with the third idea because it was something I haven’t done before, and figured it could be something that I build to have an actual purpose other than appearance. […]

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About Me: Professional Study

I am a creative! I love all different expressions of art and mediums from photography to architecture. I am currently studying a bachelor of design majoring in environmental spacial design – it’s pretty much interior/exterior design just with a different name. This blog will mainly be centred around creative projects and interests cause apparently its […]

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Project Update! Structural Support

To pick up from where I left off, the previous update shows the finished mural. At this point my project is near completion. The mural itself is probably the largest stage in the projects development, the rest all comes down to small details and structural design. In the previous blog post  I mentioned my trip to […]

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Project Update: Mural Time!

Time for another update! between last Friday and this week I made huge progression on my project. So much so that i didn’t write blogs straight away because I was so focused on building my project and other assignments. Friday  19th May: The first thing I did was make mock-up design paintings on some separate canvases. One […]

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Project Development Update!

Mural Development it’s been a while since I updated everyone here on my project, but I have been making some progress. Here’s a bit of catch up. In my project proposal I mentioned the size of my piece and the materials I need to build it. I also mentioned as a part of the projects […]

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